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Sumo Digital Confirms 5 Star Legend Status

Last week Sumo Digital Australia was made a 5 star legend partner by WiX. The legend partnership is a new program introduced in 2020 by WiX, of which only a handful of agencies around the world are a part of.

WiX website top agency 5 stars
WiX 5 Star Legend Partner

Its seemed only a few years ago that Sumo started to make WiX websites for small businesses that were finding it difficult to manage WordPress sites. WiX has since grown in leaps and bounds. No other platform we are partnered with, like Shopify and BigCommerce, has nailed the user requirements so well. We have truly been amazed at how fast new features are rolled out, and the quality of agency care is outstanding.

We would never have guessed that in 3 short years, we would focus 90% of our work on WiX website development for startups and SMEs. Even more amazing is the amount of corporate businesses that are now asking for b2b and corporate websites to be 'migrated' from WordPress to WIX. While we know that corporate websites developed on WiX are a great solution for any organisation, its not uncommon for IT heads to choose old school, open source solutions like WordPress, often with disdain for 'drag and drop' solutions like WIX. Drag and drop is now totally acceptable, with Wordpress Elementor the preferred build these days anyhow.

So why the massive growth behind WiX? We can only say that people are over managed services, and don't want to have to employ a dedicated team or agency to manage their website. With WiX, we often train administrations in how to manage their website.

We are really happy that we focused our services on WiX. We join them to test beta functions, we have a fantastic reward structure built in, and with our dedicated WIX account manager and support team, we can get answers quickly and resolve any client website issues fast.

Thanks WiX for certifying us a 5 Star Legend Agency Partner and we look forward to seeing what awesome things the future holds!

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